20 Sep, 2020

We understand that applicants to Apex Legal Funding require immediate funding and are looking for assistance promptly. We genuinely wish we could assist all applicants, but it is not always feasible. Here are some of the most common reasons why we may decline your application:

We do not fund in your state:Certain regulations in some states create difficulties in funding. Therefore, Apex Legal Funding does not currently offer funding in Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, or West Virginia. Our team strives to work with state legislators to ensure funding is fast, fair, and available in all states. As founding members of ARC, the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding, we are dedicated to preserving consumer legal funding through advocacy at state and federal levels.

Your case is too new – Although each case is unique, it is generally beneficial to our underwriting process to review cases at least 30 days after the accident date. We require sufficient information regarding the accident to make a funding decision. This may include information about the defendant and their carriers, damages sustained, an acceptance of liability, and more, all of which take time to establish after an accident.

You don’t have an attorney – Apex Legal Funding will not process a funding request unless there is an active case with a licensed attorney, and we are able to work with that attorney to determine eligibility. If the funding company you are working with does not require the participation of your legal counsel, proceed with caution. No one knows your case better and will advocate for your best possible outcome like your attorney. If you do not have an attorney but would like one, Apex Legal Funding may be able to assist. Find out more

We want you to be satisfied with Apex Legal Funding – One of our goals in providing pre-settlement funding is not only to help you get money now to cover immediate needs but also to ensure that you are satisfied with your settlement check. Sometimes, the amount you request (either with a first request or based on additional requests) may result in fewer dollars being left for you to have a satisfactory outcome when your case ultimately settles. Therefore, be cautious of funding companies that are willing to overextend funding

We are unable to obtain necessary information – Often, applicants in their rush for help do not provide accurate contact information for themselves or their attorney. Hence, please ensure that we have your correct information and look out for calls, texts, or emails (depending on your selected contact preferences) from us to answer any questions we may have. It is equally important for you to contact your attorney and inform them of your desire for funding and give them permission to speak to us. If we do not have the information we need, we will make several attempts to contact you and/or your attorney. However, if we cannot gather the necessary information, we will have to decline the case.

Your case doesn’t meet our guidelines – While your credit score is never a factor in our funding decision, other financial liabilities, including bankruptcies and liens such as child support, can disqualify you from funding. Once any liens are satisfied, you are welcome to reapply for funding. Therefore, please ensure that your case meets our guidelines before applying for funding.

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