20 Sep, 2020

There are several reasons why Apex Legal Funding may not provide funding on a case. Here are some tips that may help:

Incomplete Paperwork: Ensure that you properly fill out all required sections of your contract. Apex Legal Funding needs to receive signed and complete copies of paperwork from you to provide you with funding. Check your email and phone frequently in case Apex Legal Funding needs to contact you for updates or questions.

Attorney Not Reached: Inform your attorney that you have applied for funding and that Apex Legal Funding will contact them. Apex Legal Funding needs to hear from your attorney before providing funding on your case

Ineligible Case: Apex Legal Funding provides funding for many types of cases. Learn more about the types of cases Apex Legal Funding can fund here.

Other Reasons: There may be other reasons or circumstances why Apex Legal Funding cannot provide you with funding. Apex Legal Funding’s team will provide as much information as possible and let you know when you can reapply for funding.

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