20 Sep, 2020

Legal Funding You Can Trust

Apexlegalfunding was established to address the financial challenges faced by plaintiffs who are burdened with mounting medical bills and living expenses while their cases are pending. The company was founded by attorneys who recognized this need and sought to provide a solution by offering pre-settlement funding.At Apexlegalfunding, our founders’ philosophy and values are at the core of everything we do:We strive to help people in difficult circumstances regain control and prevent financial disaster.We prioritize responsibility and transparency to enable our customers to make informed choices.We aim to provide a dignified customer experience by treating our customers with respect and understanding.


In 2022, Apexlegalfunding’s parent company changed its name to better reflect its expanding range of products and services aimed at assisting consumers, attorneys, and healthcare providers navigate the challenges of slow-moving legal processes. However, Apexlegalfunding remains the name of our pre-settlement funding business.

Meet Our Team

Apexlegalfunding works for our customers because of the dedicated team that works for Apexlegalfunding. Below is an overview of the teams and team members that make Apexlegalfunding great.

Business Strategy and Analytic

The Business Strategy and Analytics team monitors business performance, identifies trends, and helps the business improve through data-driven solutions.

Call Centre

Our Call Center team assists our customers throughout the funding process by answering their queries, helping them with their applications, and providing timely updates on their status. We strive to deliver excellent customer service to ensure that our clients have a smooth experience.

Case Management

Our Case Management team is responsible for leading the contract process. They provide exceptional customer service, ensuring that our clients understand their contracts, routing them for approval, and expediting the process to help as many people as possible. We aim to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients, and our Case Management team plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.


The Funding team at Apexlegalfunding is responsible for conducting due diligence on each funding application to ensure that our clients receive their funds efficiently and accurately.

Inside Sales

The Inside Sales team serves as the main point of contact for attorneys, working with their plaintiffs to gather all the necessary information to kick-start the funding process and ensure that they fully understand the details of the case.


After a case is funded, the Servicing team at Apexlegalfunding provides ongoing support to customers and their attorneys by handling payoffs, answering any general questions they may have, and processing payments at settlement.

Shared Services

The Shared Services teams, including Finance, Marketing, HR, IT, and Legal, are responsible for ensuring that Apexlegalfunding is financially strong, effectively promoting our business to potential customers, attracting new talent to our teams, and operating at the highest levels of compliance.

Underwriting and QA

The Underwriting and QA teams at Apexlegalfunding assess the risk involved in funding each case and work to prevent fraud throughout the funding process. These teams help ensure that Apexlegalfunding maintains the high standards it sets for itself.

Work At Apexlegalfunding

At Apexlegalfunding, we provide financial support to individuals who have been injured in accidents. We help our clients gain access to medical care and the necessary funds to cover their expenses while waiting for their lawsuit to settle. Our team members work closely with clients, attorney partners, and colleagues at our headquarters in various roles.

If you are looking for a fast-paced work environment, have a strong work ethic, and desire to be rewarded for your achievements, take a look at our current job openings and apply today!

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